The BL neonVIEW Series family of direct-view, linear lighting products are best-in-class, fully flexible, specification-grade customizable LED systems for indoor or outdoor use.

The BL neonVIEW MINI FLAT is perfect for highlights, outlines, signs, and contours of any shape and size, and with a tight bending radius of just 1.77″ (45mm), you can seamlessly integrate lines of dot free, high brightness light, into even the tiniest of architectural features. A great choice for illuminating small spaces such as in displays, under cabinets, in shelving and niches, BL neonVIEW MINI FLAT renders smooth, uniform illumination. Wet location IP68 rated injection molded terminations provide superior weatherability and allow for free configuration of lengths. Available with surface and recessed mounting options, single colors, standard, and custom Kelvin temperatures, and customizable with two bending direction options for ultimate versatility.