Betty Lou Pacey


Looking to become a part of something big, Betty Lou’s career in lighting all began in the fall of 1985 having boarded an airplane to Asia where a series of the world’s largest trade-shows were about to take place.

“Just getting into China back then was a challenge… This was my first trip and the beginning of everything, and it was hard for me”.

Among the many creations the world’s market had to offer, Betty Lou was drawn to LEDs. “There is no such thing as a turning point, no point in waiting for anything to happen. I just said that’s it, I chose lighting… Like with most things, you begin something, it develops into a passion and you forever continue to do it”.

BL Lighting began with signage and LED message boards, accruing business as Betty Lou went door to door, signature fuchsia suitcase in-hand, promoting her products to one person at a time.

“Being a woman in the industry I was in, I think I was something of an anomaly… and I think in a way it made an impact”.

Known to be forward thinking, Betty Lou started working with Optical Fiber in ‘86 after seeing a small, multi-stranded fiber exhibit at a tradeshow, and recognized that the fiber had a future in lighting. Almost immediately, Betty Lou embarked on manufacturing her own trademark Optical Fiber believing that innovation was key: “… Limitations are unhealthy, so I never said ‘these are my goals’… You can do as you choose, but you must put the energies forward. There will be returns.”

In the early 90s, BL Lighting began to build relationships with distributors and representatives which enabled her company to develop wholly. Her success was founded on the customer support BL Lighting had dedicated itself to, going many steps beyond the expected service a manufacturer normally provides. In only a few years, Betty Lou’s custom lighting found its way to all corners of the world.

“I have wonderful people working around me… We accept each other, and excel together. We are diversified, all with different strengths… and are all devoted to what we do… Lighting is the essence of life: without light, there is nothing”.

An icon in the electrical industry, and known as a businesswomen, advocate, philanthropist, champion and mentor to many, Betty Lou has served for many years with multiple organizations including the following professional affiliations:

  • Board for the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters of British Columbia (CMEBC)
  • Board of the Illuminating Engineering Society & Chair of the Membership Committee (IES, BC Chapter)
  • Chair of the Board of the British Columbia Electrical Association (BCEA)
  • Board of St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation

Here at BL Lighting, we continue to honor her legacy of leadership, innovation, and giving back, through everything we do. Our commitment is to explore and develop the latest of lighting technologies, to provide custom solutions, and ignite creativity in our clientele for all of their lighting endeavors.

Lighting should be functional, sustainable, and always beautiful. Lighting is our passion.”