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Since 1986, BL Lighting has specialized in the manufacturing of Optical Fiber for lighting applications, and bespoke LED systems. No matter the application, we have a solution.

We Understand Your Needs

Everyone has questions during the design process, may they be a lighting designer, architect, or contractor. Rest assured, we have answers.

Get to Know our Lighting

We believe that consultations and mock-ups make the world of difference and always encourage that samples be part of your approach when working a project. Let the light do the talking.

Not your Average Luminaire

Our lighting packages are UL Listed as a system. Not only does this extra step appeal to the Field Inspector, it ensures that component compatibility is never an issue. Our lighting requires zero assembly, which seriously reduces trouble on-site. We make tailored, meaningful light every time.

The Optimized Lighting System

We know that maintenance can be a concern. That’s why we make post-install aftercare a priority and continue to support our clients through ongoing technical assistance at any level. Our lighting solutions are built to last.


At BL Lighting, we are committed to providing sustainable lighting solutions. As an early adopter of LEDs, we imagined their potential and seized the opportunity for green growth, well ahead of the curve. Our focus on LED, Fiber Optic and innovative lighting technologies helps us contribute to environmental sustainability, through waste reduction, energy efficiency, and reduced lighting pollution, among other benefits.

We are committed to business practices that are kinder to the planet, from reducing office waste, conserving energy, to ethical material sourcing and labor standards, and we are continuously working to implement greening inputs and enhancements in our process, products, in our operations, and for our people.


Time to Talk?

BL Lighting has an established global network of representatives, with extensive coverage across North America. Let’s get started.


Betty Lou Pacey founded BL Lighting in 1986 with the goal of introducing innovative, decorative lighting products to her local design community. Over the last 30 years, she has grown her company into a robust, specification-grade architectural LED lighting manufacturer that has served some of the world’s biggest brands.

Meet Betty Lou


Organizations we’re proud to be associated with

  • Illuminating Engineering Society

  • Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada

  • Intertek Group, PLC

  • Interior Designers of Canada

  • Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Association

  • British Columbia Electrical Association

  • BC Society of Landscape Architects