The high performance, low profile, BL flexFORM is a specification grade, architectural linear LED strip lighting system.

BL flexFORM Dot-Free D6 shines a continuous ribbon of diffused illumination, completely free of dots and hotspots, eliminating the need for a diffuser lens. BL flexFORM Dot-Free is ideal for use around highly reflective surfaces such as marble countertops and high gloss tiles, and the extremely low profile is perfect for tight spaces with low clearance.

Newly adapted for flexible linear lighting, this unique technology bonds the LED chips directly on the flexible circuit board (COB). The tiny LEDs are tightly spaced, up to 146 chips per foot, and topped with a thin phosphor coating. This allows for uniform diffusion, at a lower profile, and at higher light levels than a comparable surface mount (SMD) LED can achieve. The result is a flexible, homogeneous, dot-free lighting optic, offering the freedom to realize the most sophisticated lighting designs. Available in IP20 or IP65 rated for wet locations.