The commercial grade, performance based BL fixFORM Series extrusions are designed and engineered specifically for integration with BL flexFORM Series architectural linear lighting systems.
Flexible and flat at just 0.35″ (9mm) high, the ultra-low profile BL fixFORM SF Contour 1905 is ideal for use on both curved and flat surfaces. The innovative, bendable extrusion is easily surface mounted over curves and contours with your choice of steel mounting clips or double sided tape. Create sleek lines of beautiful light with this flexible and super low profile for a professional, polished lighting effect.  Curvy, stylish and ideal for use with BL flexFORM Dot-Free, to deliver illumination in a wide variety of lumen packages.

Customize your BL flexFORM LED with one of our many channel profile options. Designed for easy integration into a broad spectrum of applications such as coves, cabinets, vanities, steps, railings, outlines, accents and display lighting, there is a BL fixFORM channel available to fit any space. The solid aluminum base track is an excellent heat sink, protecting the LED while delivering a straight, even, line of light. Optional translucent lens optics uniformly diffuse and insulate the LED from dust and damage, while providing polished and professional results.