The commercial grade, performance based BL fixFORM Series extrusions are designed and engineered specifically for integration with BL flexFORM Series architectural linear lighting systems.

BL fixFORM Recessed 2626 is a high performance profile, compact and durable, engineered for flush mount installations where a more robust luminaire is required. With a high load bearing capability, BL fixFORM Recessed Square 2626 is treadable, ideal for floors, walkways and anywhere requiring a high-traffic area lighting solution.

Customize your BL flexFORM LED with one of our many channel profile options. Designed for easy integration into a broad spectrum of applications such as coves, cabinets, vanities, steps, railings, outlines, accents and display lighting, there is a BL fixFORM channel available to fit any space. The solid aluminum base track is an excellent heat sink, protecting the LED while delivering a straight, even, line of light. Optional translucent lens optics uniformly diffuse and insulate the LED from dust and damage, while providing polished and professional results.