The BL neonVIEW Series family of direct-view, linear lighting products are best-in-class, fully flexible, specification-grade customizable LED systems for indoor or outdoor use.

Create expressive motion, chase, and pixel effects beyond RGBW color changing and fading, allowing for dynamic animations and mesmerizing lighting displays.  The BL neonVIEW PIXEL BRIGHT SIDE SI HB has a wider profile lens that delivers up to 268 lm/ft of uniform, dot-free illumination. The flexible, square shaped Silicone encapsulated diffuser bends horizontally alongside the light surface with a 120° beam distribution and is perfect for circles, contours and side-emitting light. Rated for a range of operating temperatures from -40° F to 113° F (-40° C to 45° C) and IP68 built with seamless IP68 wet location rated injection molded terminations for excellent weatherability in the most extreme environmental conditions. Ideal for building outlines, facades, signage and exterior architectural accents.