The BL inGROUND Series are a family of LED luminaires engineered for high-impact, ground and wall recessed applications that require decorative and robust linear lighting solutions.

BL inGROUND LNR3069 direct view, glare-free in-grade recessed walk over linear lights are engineered for flush mount installations and ideal for wayfinding, delineation, accent, and safety lighting in floor, ground, and wall installations. Solidly constructed with up to 335lbf weight bearing capacity, IP67 rating, lightweight aluminum housing, and weatherproof quick connectors for ease of installation. The channel is an excellent heat sink, supports easy relamping, and is engineered with a drain channel, preventing permanent submersion of the IP67 rated LED housed within to ensure longevity. The flush recessed and treadable non-slip silicone lens top delivers uniformly diffused, glare-free illumination with a 115° beam angle. Achieve seamless, continuous run lengths. Performance is delivered from the ground up; perfect for projects requiring recessed, robust, lines of linear lighting.