Designed and engineered specifically for integration with BL PRO LED Tape, BL PRO 1614 CH K surface mount channel has a 3/4” (18.5mm) wide and low profile optic, allowing for creation of virtually infinite lines of cohesive light, in a variety of lumen packages. Each standard 8FT length is field cuttable and easy to install with (4) mounting clips, (2) end caps and flat optic lens included with each BL PRO 1614 CH K ordered. The solid aluminum base channel is an excellent heat sink, protecting the LED while delivering a straight, even line of light, while the translucent lens uniformly diffuses and insulates the LED from dust and damage. BL PRO is stocked locally in our Vancouver distribution centre and is ideal for use in coves, under cabinets, in bar shelves and displays in commercial, retail and residential environments.




  • Features & Benefits

    Surface Mount Profile Track & Lens Kit
    2 End Caps & 4 Mounting Clips Included Per 8FT Track
    Square Frosted Lens Optic
    High Grade Aluminum Body
    Stock Length 8' (2.44M)
    Designed for BL PRO LED Tape

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  • Accessories

    BL-PRO-1614-CH - Aluminum Base Track
    BL-PRO-1614-LE - Polycarbonate Optic
    BL-PRO-1614-EC - Plastic End Cap
    BL-PRO-1614-CP - Plastic Mounting Clips

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