BL fiberOPTIC is a heat-free, non-current bearing, flexible light guide. By transmitting light from a remote source, the Endlight Series illuminates at the fiber’s end. Highly durable and acceptable for almost any environment.

Emitting a radiant illuminance at the end of the fiber strand, light is transmitted through the solid core fiber, which is protected in a flexible black PVC jacketing, and easily integrates with optional BL fiberOPTIC End Fittings for a professional, polished finish. The fiber is resistant to heat, weather, and vibration, and is perfect for creating custom luminaires, spot, display, and museum lighting. For use with BL fiberSOURCE illuminators, giving you a choice of white light, RGBW, color changing, and dimming options. Completely free of heat and electrical components, light is transmitted into one end of the fiber from a separate BL fiberSOURCE illuminator, offering a safe solution for challenging indoor or outdoor environments.