BL fiberOPTIC is a heat-free, non-current bearing, flexible light guide. By transmitting light from a remote source, the Sidelight Series emits a soft glow along the fiber length. Highly durable and acceptable for almost any environment.

Emitting a 360° soft neon-like glow along the length, our clear, solid core BL fiberOPTIC Sidelight is protected in a clear cladding, and is highly flexible for bending in any direction. Perfect for creating custom luminaires and art installations, water, pool and fountain features, linear accents, building outlines, and architectural highlights. For use with BL fiberSOURCE illuminators giving you a choice of white light, RGBW, color changing, dim and twinkle options. Free of heat or electrical components, light is transmitted into one end of the fiber from a separate BL fiberSOURCE illuminator, offering a safe solution for challenging indoor or outdoor environments.